Daystate Mk4 Thumbhole .22 cal Pre owned

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Pre owned from the owners vault.  Daystate Mk4 Walnut thumbhole stock .22 cal , ships with charger, 1- 10 round magazine & 1- single shot tray, also HW100 moderator for back your quiet shooting.Recently completely resealed late 2018 from AoA

The MK4 wears the crown for being the most advanced PCP air rifle on the planet. A new information screen brings into view the state-of-the-art technology hidden inside, and also gives the shooter ultimate control via its user-programmable options.

The MCT pulse beating at the heart of the MK4 action generates a lock-time - the period between the squeeze of the trigger and the pellet’s acceleration along the barrel - that’s up to five times faster than a conventional, mechanically-driven PCP. Additionally, the shot-to-shot consistency is effectively digitally-regulated courtesy of the MCT’s sophisticated electronic monitoring system.

Whilst the phenomenally-fast firing cycle makes it easy to get outstanding down-range results, the MK4 is backed by numerous other accuracy enhancing features, from an electronically-operated, fully-adjustable two-stage trigger to a target-grade barrel that free-floats within a full-length, sound-moderating shroud. Yet despite the cutting edge technology within, the MK4 is also a stunning looker, whether you opt for it in Sports (S) or Sports Thumbhole (ST) livery. Created by top stock designer, Gary Cane and crafted in high-grade Turkish walnut by world renowned stockmaker, Minelli of Italy, the MK4 models handle as beautifully as they look.

The on-board LCD information screen of the iS models (MK4 and Air Wolf MCT) gives you an instant report on the rifle’s status, showing the cylinder’s air pressure, which of the two pre-set power settings it’s been programed with, the current shot-count, the voltage of the battery and how many shots remain in the 10-shot magazine.

Besides showing this working data, the information screen is used to set the rifle’s eight shooting modes. Using the trigger to navigate through the options, you can quickly and easily program your Daystate’s computerised operating system to ensure the rifle performs in exactly the way you want it to for any given shooting assignment.

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