Eagle Vision Infinity INS-30 2-Pc 30mm Adjustable Mounts

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Eagle Vision Infinity INS-30 mounts are designed for use on Picatinny rails and allow for adjustability for scope mounting height. The dual-locking screw design allows you to set your height or cant angle to allow the scope to gain more elevation adjustment. This is particularly useful with a bulpup or precharged airgun shooting at longer distances. Once set for optical center on elevation, you can lock the position and get the most performance out of your 30mm scope. Includes 45 degree mounting clamps for a cleaner profile and tactical design. Also includes mounting holes for levels and spare accessory rails at various mounting positions.

Includes a custom waterproof accessory carrying case for transport and also future use as a range bag.

Hight 60.7mm to 65.7 mm adjustable. 

Profil Hight 21 mm

Adjustable Height 4.5mm. 

Weight 86 gm each one. 

centre of the ring to the bottom of the rail  36mm in closed position.

centre of the ring to the bottom of the rail 40.5mm in open position.

Ring size: 30mm