FX Crown Green Laminate .22 cal

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FX Crown Green Laminate stock .22 cal


For those that love the adjustability and performance of the FX Impact, but wanted a more classic rifle look, this is the gun for you. Taking aspects from both the Royale and the Impact, FX has produced one of the best airguns ever made.

The FX Crown comes with many tuning features including the adjustments for the hammer spring - located toward the back of the gun, which adjusts the pre-tension of the hammer spring. A transfer port adjuster - located in the center top of the gun. An external adjustable regulator, located on the guns underside. Of course, the new unique feature in the Crown is the ability to change the caliber and rifling twist rate in a matter of seconds!

Although there is a ton of adjustability, the gun is not overwhelming when you look at it. FX did a great job of providing all of the new technology in a classic looking rifle. It’s simple and straightforward. The cocking lever is slightly shorter than the Impact or Royale, which is nice since it allows you to more easily grab the lever and cock the gun without removing your thumb from inside the stock. Bringing the gun together is a very light match-trigger which allows for incredible accuracy.

  • The new Smooth Twist X barrel system (allows you to change barrel length and twist rate in seconds)
  • Two power adjusters for hammer spring & transfer port
  • Externally adjustable regulator
  • Full barrel shroud
  • 18 shot magazine
  • Laminate Stock
  • Ability to change caliber
  • Adjustable cheekpiece included (not pictured)
  • Optional Match Trigger

Stock photo - Purchase does not include scope or rings, but rifle with 1 magazine and fill probe.