FX Dream Tac - .25 cal CF Bottle

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DreamTac .25


FX Dream Tac .25 cal - Carbon fiber bottler 480cc - Donny FL moderator, Sideshot magazine - fill probe - 600mmSTX Barrel - NO REAR STOCK  - Mounting point for any Mil Spec AR15 stock.

One of the most anticipated PCP air rifle designs is the FX Dreamline series.  For the shooter who likes to build, configure, change or otherwise customize their rifle the Dreamline just may be you gun of choice.

The Dream Tactical brings AR options like the mil-spec receiver tube, full picatinny scope rail, and more to the airgunner who would like to add common AR parts and options to their airgun.The compact version provides an ultra-packed airgun into a very small package without removing any of the features of the standard Dreamline. Perfect for throwing in a backpack or having ready for that spur of the moment hunting opportunity.

All the adjustability, options, and technology that FX has perfected has been poured into the FX Dreamline. You can change the caliber, stock, velocity, power all without breaking a sweat or the bank.

This new ground-breaking rifle will be available in multiple customizable models. Rather than choosing just one style of Dreamline, you will be able to change your rifle to any of the Dreamline configurations as well as add to and configure your Dreamline to make it uniquely your own. Ushering in a new world of to the airgun world.

The new FX Dream Tac features FX’s new AMP Regulator. The AMP Regulator (or Adjustable Match Precision Regulator) is a brand-new regulator that can be adjusted from the outside of the air cylinder to both higher and lower air pressures without having to remove air from the cylinder. It also uses the latest in high performance parts to provide precision accuracy that holds up over time. Gone are the days of regulator creep and fatigue.

The Dream Tac also includes the new AMP Regulator (Adjustable Match Precision Regulator). This robust regulator is revolutionary in that it can be adjusted externally either to higher or lower pressures without the need to remove pressure from the gun. The AMP regulator also uses the latest in high performance parts to provide precision accuracy that holds up over time.

The FX Dream Tac features the same adjustability as found on other premium FX rifles. All adjustments can be fine tuned including valve flow, hammer tension, and regulator pressure. These adjustments are done quickly and easily allowing the shooter find harmonic balance and maximize the performance and accuracy of the Dreamline.

All FX Dream Tac models utilize a large capacity rotary magazine. This is the same magazine used in the FX Crown and is indexed with the smooth cocking side lever. This newly designed side lever takes the ease of cocking a rifle to a whole new level as it is nearly effortless to cock.

All FX Dream Tac air rifles also incorporate the STX Barrel. The world class Smooth Twist X barrel is a fully rifled barrel. Using a proprietary system for rifling barrels produces the most reliable and accurate barrel ever made.

All Dreamline models incorporate a quick-change system that allows for any of the four calibers (.177, .22, .25 or .30) to be used.  All that is required is an extra barrel and pellet probe for each caliber (available separately). The STX barrel also allows shooters to switch out barrel liners of the same caliber to allow for different twist rates and other bore specifications to allow a wider array of projectile use.

Other features are vast, but include high capacity magazines (up to 21 rounds in .177), side lever cocking action, 1/2” UNF threading for the addition of an option moderator, valve and hammer adjustment options, and easily one of the pest precision match triggers available, set from the factory at just 15 ounces (but fully adjustable to your liking).

Our FX Dreamline rifles include the custom made FX Airguns Moderator by DonnyFL.