FX Hybrid Slugs .22 cal 22 gr. 100ct

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FX-22/22gr slug


FX Hybrid 5.5 mm 22 grain slugs are a hybrid or cross-over between a conventional pellet and a slug.

Pellets with a diabolo shape will shape themselves perfect to the rifling of the barrel and have a low bearing surface. Their shape however, gives them a low ballistic coefficient making them susceptible to wind and lets them lose their energy fairly quick.

Slugs however, have a much higher ballistic coefficient which lets them maintain their energy better. The high weight and large bearing surface (extra friction) make for a need for substantial power to be able to dire them in a way that does justice to their properties.

The FX Hybrid 5.5 mm 22 grain slugs have the external dimensions of a slug with a high ballistic coefficient, but are completely hollow and feature a deep base. This makes them lightweight. Their shape provides a perfect balance between friction and bearing surface.

This combination of properties make the FX Hybrid slugs fly in a trajectory that’s more flat than conventional pellets and they’re also less prone to wind deviation. Because of the higher retaining energy they are very suitable for longer distances and the hollow point allows for a great expansion.

The other advantage of these FX Hybrid 5.5 mm 22 grain slugs is the fact they are developed with all PCP air rifles in mind, not only the extremely powerful or those featuring a slug liner.

Weight: 22gr

Height: 0.322"

Caliber: .217

*BC (estimated): .08

Sleeve Count: 100

Recommended Use: Hunting/Long Range

*There are many, many variables when it comes to shooting/tuning for slugs. FX Airguns cannot give any accuracy/performance guarantees. 

*Slugs will carry energy and distance much further than pellets. PLEASE exercise extreme caution and safety practices when shooting these type of projectiles. Always know your backdrop as these slugs can travel well up to 1 mile or further.