Hawke Air Max 30 6x24x50 SF AMX Mil Dot

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Air Max 6x24x50
Hawke Aim Max 30 6x24x50 Scope

The Airmax 30 Side Focus offers a specialised optical setup for airgunners. One truly exceptional feature of the Airmax 30 SF scopes is the AMX airgun fully floating Mil Dot reticle. Key Features: 30mm Mono-tube design - handles heavy recoil Side Focus Parallax adjustment Additional 100mm large focus/parallax wheel* Fully multi-coated optical system for maximum clarity & light transmission Glass etched illuminated reticles - never lose the aim point Infinitely adjustable stepless rotary switch ¼ M.O.A locking resettable positive click turrets Coil erector spring - no shift in zero Additional Features: Protective lens caps Tactile high performance rubber grip zoom CRD # 002 343 939 Fast focus ocular, set the dioptre in seconds Fully removable screw-in metal flip-open lens covers Sunshade compatible (all models supplied with sunshade) Waterproof, shock proof, all calibre rated Nitrogen purged & fog proof, for use in all conditions Hawke‘ Worldwide warranty