Huggett Shroud for FX Wildcat .22 500mm

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Customize your FX Wildcat and make it quiet at the same time. Huggett Precision shroud with built in moderator and airstripper.This product includes an air stripper that will thread to the end of the barrel to help with air distribution. Using this shroud allows the Wildcat to have an integrated moderator and keep the overall length of the gun as short as possible.

.22 Total Shroud Length: 13.75 in. 500mm 

Installation Instructions

1. Unscrew the factory Wildcat shroud and remove from barrel.

2. Slide the Huggett set screw block down the barrel, do not tighten the set screw yet.

3. Thread the air stripper onto the end of the barrel.

4. Slide the Huggett Shroud over the air stripper and down the barrel. You may need to use silicone grease on the o-ring to make installation easier.

5. Thread the Huggett Shroud into the set screw block.

6. Tighten down the set screw.