LionSteel SR22A Mini Flipper SR22A OB

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NEW ! Lion Steel SR22A BB Mini Flipper

The SR-22 represents the evolution of the historic SR-11 model, award winner at at Blade Show 2010.
The additional features are: flipper opening with ball-bearing system, two ball bearing with facilitate the opening and closing of the blade, and a window breaker in tungsten carbide.
Moreover, as its predecessor, the SR-22 features a Rotoblock system, which blocks the frame in the open position.
The frame is obtained from a unique piece, completely worked with 4-axis machining.
The frame point is made of steel, in order to avoid wear of the titanium frame body.
The clip is reversible, and can be mounted on both sides.

Overall length: 180 mm. - 7.09 in.
Blade length: 80 mm. - 3.15 in.
Blade thickness: 3.5 mm. - 0.14 in.
Net weight: 128 gr. - 4.52 oz.
Handle: Aluminium
Blade steel: Sleipner 60-61 HRC
Packaging: Paper box