Medford Hunden Blue

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MKT Hunden - Blade S35VN tumble finish, frame Titanium Faced Blue - Stainless steel hardware #812-073

Hunden is a small but powerful knife.  In German “Hund” means “dog” and when I was drawing this knife I was thinking of it being a reliable and trusted daily companion offensive to few…what’s more fitting than Dog?? Since I’m a Jarhead I’ve always loved the German name given to Marines in WW I so the name stuck.  With our “square” design you’ll find all the components to be of the same material thickness and identical to the Slim-Midi. This knife is very every day carry pocket friendly and constructed of Titanium and S35VN blade steel.  A great addition to the Medford Knife lexicon of the “World’s biggest little knives!” -GM

Total length: 5.4″

Blade length: 2.25″

Closed length: 3.2″

Handles thickness: .125″ (1/8″)

Blade thickness: .125″ (1/8″)

Weight: 3 oz.