Proraso RED SHaving Soap Sandalwood & Shea Butter

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proraso red tub
Proraso RED Saving Soap - Sandalwood with Shea Butter

Since 1948, Proraso has been innovators in shaving products for men. A few years ago, Proraso realized there was a need for a special line of shaving products specifically made for men with "tough beards". You know who you are, the men that can dull a razor blade after one pass. In comes Proraso shaving soap, enriched with sandalwood oil and shea butter, formulated as a super emollient shaving soap that will soften even the toughest of beards. It's designed to be used with a traditional shaving and if you want my advice, I recommend face lathering it with a RazoRock Chubby Extra Silvertip badger brush. Men with tough beards will benefit greatly from face lathering because the brush will work the lather into the beard for a nice long time, preparing your beard for easy slicing. 150ml tub - Product of Italy