Rapid Air Weapons- RAW-HM1000 .22 Cal Grey Thumbhole

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HM1000 .22
Rapid Air Weapons - Hunting model - HM1000 .22 cal Grey laminate thumbhole stock - carbon fiber bottler - accessory rail. Made in the USA -

HM1000 .22 cal Grey laminate thumbhole stock, with 480cc carbon fiber bottler & accessory rail.

Hunting Model Air Rifle

Evolving from two distinguishable designs the Theoben Rapid and our own TM1000, the HM1000 is a sidelever cocking rifle with a precision mechanism which enables even the highest powered versions to be cocked with minimal effort.

The hunter model comes with a regulator for greater shot count and consistency, powering the HM1000 is a 400cc air cylinder and a high quality German match grade barrel, finished with a Carbon Fiber sleeved barrel and Moderator, the rifle comes with a multi shot magazine or it can be single shot loaded, machined into the action is a dovetail rail to give the shooter the ability to mount any good quality 11mm scope mount.

The trigger is a fully adjustable sporting version of our TM1000 target trigger with an added safety catch, the stock is made from Walnut and comes fitted with an adjustable but pad and stippled for a secure grip while in the aim.

All Aluminum parts are coated for protection and the internal components are hand finished, hammer and trigger parts are hardened and polished for extra smoothness in reloading as well as making for a cleaner firing cycle, the sidelever linkage and bolt have been hardened ready for a lifetime of work.

Hunting Air Rifle
Blacked action
Carbon Fiber sleeved barrel
Carbon Fiber Moderator
4th Generation Trigger
Match Grade Barrel
Right hand action
Weight 8.5 lbs
Quick Fill with Gauge
Dovetail Scope Rail
Sidelever Action
Length 46 1/2 inches (high power)

480cc carbon fiber bottler
Front accessory rail
Grey Laminate thumbhole stock