Rowan Engineering Air Stripper- Steyr Lg110 16.1mm

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Rowan Engineering Air Stripper for STEYR LG110 16MM With adjustable cone of up to 8mm forward or backwards. Black anodized  .177 cal LG110 Air Stripper.

black anodized Aluminium body and cone.  Slides 45mm on to the barrel and fixes with 2 grub screws. The Stripper body is 24.5mm outside dia. and has a machined flat on the underside to give clearance with the air cylinder. 

Choose 16.0mm diameter for non-coated silver barrels. 
Choose 16.1mm diameter for black coated barrels.

Pellets can have Air Turbulence in front during propulsion that negatively affects the accuracy of your shot. The Rowan Engineering precision machined air stripper effectively spreads the air so that it does not affect diabolo.