Tactile Turn Gist Polycarbonate - Stainless - Medium nib 1

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Tactile Turn GIST Polycarbonate - Stainless Steel - fountain pen mediam nib

Tactile Turn GIST - Polycarbonate w/ STAINLESS STEEL final - Medium nib

The Tactile Turn Gist fountain pen is made in Texas by penmaker Will Hodges. This pen is made of polycarbonate, an amazing plastic material that is reinforced with fiberglass. It is known by a few trade names like Makrolon or Lexan depending on manufacturer. It is very lightweight, and has much better impact resistance than almost any other plastic. The texture of these pens is unique; a spiral cut along the entire body and cap of the pen creates a ribbed textured feel. It screws to open/close and the cap is postable. It comes with a standard international-sized converter, accepts short or long standard international cartridges, and features a #6 Bock stainless steel nib in Medium