Vector 30mm Flip to Side Picatinny Steel Mount Ring

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Single swing out 30mm ring for magnifier or red dot - picatinny mount

Steel Material, 6 Bolts, #45 Steel Material, Accurate Wire-Electrode Cutting, 21mm Picatinny, Rock Steady

  • Dia.:30mm
  • Ring Width:25mm (1 inch)
  • Mount Length:40mm (1.6 inch)
  • Height:39mm (1.5 inch, from bottom to center)
  • Weight:160g (5.6oz)
  • Material:#45 steel
  • Finish:Paint
  • Mount:21mm picatinny
  • For 30mm magnifier or red dot scope sight etc
  • Flip to Side at 90 degree
  • Shock proof and heavy duty deigned for real fire caliber